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What is the difference between an adequate and superior web based merchant store?
I have a web site and sell my products on the Internet. How can I start selling my products using E-Commerce?
I don't have a web site, but interested in selling my products on Internet through E-Commerce.How can I start selling my products on the Internet?
What is an on-line / real-time transaction? How can I enable my web site to have real-time transactions?
What will my web page look like?
What do I need to be a Internet Merchant, will I need to buy a new computer or special equipment?
What is a Merchant account and how do I get it?
What are the costs involved in getting a Merchant Account?
Do I need to have to have my own web hosting account?
How does a digital certificate provide security to my customers purchasing products from my web site?
How long will it take for me to set up my web site so that I can start selling my products?
How do I buy the E-Commerce software?
What basic features and options the E-Commerce software will provide me?
How do I know how many customers came and bought from my web site?
Can I get statistics about my web site, like number of hits per day etc.?
If a customer returns my product, how can I issue refunds?

The Web Educational product which is in Beta testing stage leverages your existing internet resources and methodologies to provide lecture notes, class room assignments and interactive homeworks for students on the World Wide Web. This product is seamlessly and tightly integrated with Windows server and Microsoft IIS server
A Java powered version of the same product will also be available soon. This product will run on almost any operating systems.

For web based educational product inquiry, please send email to support@greater-boston.com
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